Travisty #22: Devin Devasquez

Travis got to talk to actress, author, business entrepreneur, winner of Star Search Spokesmodel category and Playboy Playmate, Devin Devasquez. What an amazing lady!

Buy Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning made in New Orleans and help Louisiana rebuild to her former glory.

Travisty #21: Carrie Snow

Travis talks to comedy goddess, Carrie Snow. Enjoy.

Travisty #20: Brian Scott Mednick

Travis talks to Brian Scott Mednick about his new novel, Unnecessary Headaches, available at and, the weather and is it possible that he might have found SOMEONE who has slept with Joan Rivers? Tune in and find out!

Podcast #19: Rudy Martinez and Mike Canestaro

Travis has back two of his faves, Rudy and Mike for a fun little bull session.

Travisty #18: Derrick Rush

Travis chats with up and coming comedian Derrick Rush on this half hour podcast.

Derrick will be performing at the Comedy Works in downtown Denver on Tuesday, October 8th and at the Comedy Works South on Wednesday, October 9th.  He will also be performing in Greeley, CO on October 18th and 19th at the Down Under Comedy Club.  Get out there and see him!

Travisty #17: Rudy Martinez

Travis gets to talk with comedian, Rudy Martinez for a whole hour of fun. Check out Rudy’s website at:

Or find him on his Facebook Fan Page.

Travisty #16: Mike Canestaro Not for Children’s Stories 2

Mike’s back with Travis promoting his book, Not for Children’s Stories II, now available at

Travisty #15: Saleem Muhammad

After a long absence, Travis talks to comedian Saleem Muhammad. What a great conversation and an hour long! Enjoy.

Travisty #14: Travisty Island

Travis gets together with some of the members of his Facebook Page, Travisty Island, and they have a fun chat.

Travisty #13: Jeffrey Jena

Listen in as Travis talks to comedy great, Jeffrey Jena on Lucky Podcast #13!